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Ignacio López-Calvo, Professor of Literature
Phone: (209) 228-4041
Office: COB2-296


Managing Director
Christina Lux
Phone: (209) 228-2297
Office: COB2-294


Administrative Assistant 
Jessica Molina
Phone: (209) 228-2453
Office: COB2-298


Staff Research Associate
Martin Ojeda
Phone: (209) 228-2454
Office: COB2-292


Steering Committee Member
Maria DePrano, Assistant Professor of Art History and Visual Studies


Steering Committee Member
Rebeca Antoine, Lecturer, Merritt Writing Program



Steering Committee Member
Nigel Hatton, Associate Professor of Literature and Philosophy


Steering Committee Member
Jeff Yoshimi, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive and Information Science

Steering Committee Member
Yehuda Sharim, Assistant Professor of Media and Performance Studies