Faculty throughout the UC system have been learning to translate their research for the public by writing OpEds.
The Wild and Scenic Film Festival scheduled for Nov. 16 has been cancelled due to UCM campus closure and poor air quality.
"Medical Humanities" is the focus of our seminar this year, featuring speakers like Jade Sasser, author of On Infertile Ground.


Center for the Humanities

A Note from the Director

"As the new director of the Center for the Humanities I am happy to announce that this year we are launching a new lecture series on the Medical Humanities. We are inviting renowned scholars from across the country to UC Merced in an effort to demonstrate the importance of the humanities for overcoming the challenges that face the medical field. We are working to partner with medical practitioners throughout the valley in an effort to expand the possibilities for humanistic medical education. We are seeking to introduce, expand, and complicate the meaning of the medical humanities and are excited about the possibilities for collaboration across the valley. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events." -- Mario Sifuentez