We partner with the UC Merced Art Gallery, UC Merced Library, the University of California network, and community organizations to bring inspiring exhibits to Merced and to celebrate our thriving local arts community.  Examples of past exhibits include:

"Waterscapes and Wet Bodies through the Colonial Eye: West Africa, Hawai'i, and India" (2018)
   "Refugee Currents: Bodies at Sea" by Violet Barton (2017)

"Epitaph for a River: A Reconstruction of the Stanislaus Canyon," by Christopher Caskey (2017)

"Water, Power, Place: Placemaking in California's Central Valley, " by Dorie Dakin Perez (2017)


 Majestic Clouds and Water artist reception (2016)

Hmong Story (2016)

 A Talk by Conceptual Artist Atul Bhalla: “You Always Step Into The Same River” (2016)

    Bobcat Art Show Artists' Reception (2016)
    In Earth's Shadow by Christopher Viney (2016)
    Hmongstory40 by Project Lead Maykou Vang (2015-16)




David Medley's Machines & More by David Medley (2015)

 "The Art of Costume Design" by Dunya Ramicova



Quilts of the Sierra Nevada by Ann Johnston (2015)
   "Selfie Determination" by Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik (2014)
   "Self Conquest" by Luis Roberto Vázquez (2014)
 "Nature Abiding" by Karen LeCocq (2014)
"Black Power * Flower Power" photographs by Pirkle Jones and Ruth-Marion Baruch (2013)
   "Future Anteriors: Selections from the 1972 Project" by Noritaka Minami (2013)
     "Living with the Memory" by Susan Latham (2012)
    "Western Han Dynasty: Archaeology@Reality Virtual Masterpiecs from Ancient China" (2011) 
     "3-D Archeology at Çatalhöyük" (2010)